Friday, July 27, 2012

The One With Shots (Needle, Not Booze)

Doctor's appointments with Little Man are not for the faint of heart.   For one thing, we live two hours away from his PCP.   So every doctor's visit is a full day worth of adventures.

So since our appointment was at 2 pm, we left the house at 11:30 to make sure we didn't hit any traffic on our way in to the city. 

We arrived at 1:30.  We were back in the office by 2:00.  The appointment didn't end until 3:45.

I know right?   It had been awhile since our last visit, I think maybe six months or so.  So after catching her up on Little Man's medical history, it was time to chat.

Can I please have a letter for our bed?  A prescription for melatonin?  A referral for ortho, optometry, and dental?  Oh and by the way, he still vomits once a month for no reason.  And he chews on everything.  Someone said to ask you about parasites?  He definitely doesn't have lead poisoning or PICA.  He still doesn't eat anything but bread.  Of course I give him vitamins and Pediasure.  I don't leave the medicine cabinets unlocked.  Everything is labelled poison but I *doubt* he's checking the labels on the floor cleaner.  I try not to let him fall off things that are high in the air.  4 vaccines?!?!   I'm not driving back up here tonight with a stool sample.  Yeah I don't think he has a parasite either.

Then I met with a social worker, attorney, and "safety officer".  Repeat stories, add details.

In the end, we left with the prescription for melatonin, a few sticks in the leg that he did not enjoy, an application for REM to possibly help us with funding the Safety Sleeper, and a page full of instructions and referrals for the next few months.  Its going to be a long grueling process, but I'm hoping to have his biggest medical issues sorted out by the wedding (and the ensuing insurance switch).    But as always, I am glad everything was heard and addressed.  Hubs had met us at the office (he'd been away on business and his flight got in early enough to meet us in the city!) and brought Little Man back home so I could run errands the rest of the day.  They didn't get home til 6:30 because of rush hour traffic.

In case you missed that, that makes *one* doctor's appointment an eight hour process. 

Yeah Little Man, we love you.


  1. you have to drive two hours to see your PCP? Do you live in the sticks? I think about all the appointments we take Lily to, if I had to drive 2 hours. . . I'd move I think.

  2. Hahaha well we do live in the sticks, but also because of Little Man's medical history we have to go to John Hopkins even though other PCPs would be much closer. We are hoping to move one day, but for now, the sticks it is :)