Thursday, May 9, 2013

This Is Very Suspicious...

I seem to have picked up a cold, in the middle of beautiful May weather.  Where could this cold have come from?  I need to do some detective work...

Well, Little Man does seem out of sorts...

So maybe I got it from him when he insisted on me giving him bites of my raisin bread for breakfast, despite that he had a fistful of his own bread.

Or maybe when he came over to where I was minding my own business reading blogs just to give me a snuggle... and then wiped his runny nose all across my jeans.

Or maybe when he saw my Dunkin Donuts smoothie sitting on the table and he slobbered all over the straw trying to get a sip.  And then I decided that I might as well drink it anyways, because it was a full smoothie dammit and they're expensive!!

What about that time that he was sitting on my laugh and I made him laugh so hard he couldn't stop coughing directly into my face?

Or the time he sneezed on me so violently that I had to sponge off my arms.

There is the fact that I have been chasing him around the house begging him to let me aspirate his nose or for the love of Pete let me wipe the snot off you before you rub it all over the furniture like an angry snail!!!

But... this has to be a different cold than what Little Man has, I'm sure of it.  Because he's running around the house like a kid on speed, pausing only to make more snail trails or beg for more orange juice and gummy vitamins.  And I am laid up on the couch, drinking tea and trying to convince myself that pizza for dinner for the 3rd time in 5 days isn't a terrible idea...

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  1. I contracted "slap cheeks" when I worked at a commercial portrait studio & the kid I was photographing sneezed directly into my mouth. It's so much worse when it isn't your kid, or even your relative's kid. This was a random kid. And then that company called me at the ER while I was hooked up to an IV demanding I come in or lose my job, but that is neither here nor there. The moral of the story is kids pass on things that are benign to them (little kid had a common cold, I get a weird rare-in-adults disease from it), & hire independent photographers because they are worth the investment & it keeps money out of the grasp of the corporate pigheads. hahaha