Thursday, March 7, 2013

Short and Sweet

I'm trying to be productive this week since I have about a baskillion household chores to catch up on.  Somehow we ran out of laundry detergent and dish soap so everything seems extra dirty.  I did manage to vacuum up a layer or three of dirt from the downstairs carpets, and clean the bathrooms.  So I count that as a win, and now I get to relax right?

Little Man got a sweet haircut early this week and inspired me to get my own hair done - he looks awesome, I am a little nervous.  Because my best friend's first reaction was "Wow, you're your mom."  Oh boy.

Little Man also started some new PT home therapy this week.  He only threw one major tantrum, and then there was a slightly awkward moment where he knew the therapist had fruit snacks hidden so he started trying to kiss her to get her to give them to him.  I mean, it works when I have fruit snacks he wants...

We might have to work on boundaries, asap.

Finally, Baby Vegas is 16 weeks old!  He's avocado sized and has fingernails.  I am having round ligament pains anytime I push myself too hard, so it has made me very disinterested in household chores.  And we're back to the beginning...

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