Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Ramblings

It's finally snowing??  On March 25th?  I'm not even the tiniest bit excited by this.  I am so ready for Spring weather, lighter clothes, no jackets, and flip flops.  It somehow is infinitely easier to wiggle an almost 5 year old into his car seat when you don't have to whip off his bulky jacket or shield his head from the rain and icy wind.

As of yesterday, Baby Vegas and I are cruisin' along at nineteen weeks - and we're in the honeymoon phase for sure!  I feel BV kicking and swimming all the time, and I have a little belly, but other than that it is hard to remember that I'm really going to have a baby in 21 weeks!!  Well, except when I want sushi and wine.  Which is kind of always.  I always want sushi and wine.

Check out my haircut, it's my favorite part of the photo.
I haven't bothered to take the 19 week picture yet.  So this picture at 18 weeks is the most recent "belly shot".  I've been pretty lazy in regards to pregnancy documenting, so I haven't even done a baby book this time.  I assume this means I'll have a girl, and she will  be horrified that all of her friends have detailed baby books and timelines of their growth in their momma's belly from Pinterest -and I was a slacker.  But it will be a life lesson for her - some people suck, and sometimes it is the people you love.  So there isn't anything you can do about it, you have to love them anyways.  Now check out these sweet Instagram photos of what I was eating while I was pregnant with you - that's entertainment!

Today is Passover.  Or tonight is, or something.  Everything I know about Passover I learned from the Illustrated Children's Bible in 1997 - so I am a little hazy on the details.  Also I am Christian by birth, Episcopalian by marriage. (I confirmed that with Hubs before I typed it, we aren't very observant if you can't tell.)  But Hubs, Little Man, and I got invited to a Passover dinner tonight and so I am trying to brush up on the details before I head out.  In semi-related news, Hubs was horrified to find out recently that I have never been baptized - way to go Mom!  That is way worse than not giving your kid a baby book.  Of course, Little Man isn't baptized either.  So apparently at some point in the near future we are all getting a good sprinkle of holy water *just in case*.  I hope this doesn't ruin seating arrangements upstairs (I mean WAYYY upstairs) because I am fairly sure my sister and brother will not be getting baptized and I am hoping we all can still hang out together in the great beyond.  Then again, if the "lets plan to get you baptized" takes as long as the "lets plan to clean the storage room and the baby's room and your office"... I probably have a few years to worry about it.

That was a passive aggressive hint to my husband that we still haven't done anything to the mess in this house.   I wonder if he's waiting until I am too big to move around and help him at all.  Maybe he wants to spare me the hard work?  Hmmm...

On that note, I am going to get back to laying on the couch watching Thomas the Tank Engine and listening to Hubs type away for work. I have priorities.

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  1. bahaha. The baptism thing has come up here as well. We aren't practicing anything, but my parents are very involved in the Catholic church. Bear's parents are not involved in a church at all. So we are trying to find a happy medium that respects all families. More family time with one side, a stronger tie to faith on the other... marriage is one of those give & take things, & sometimes it seems to extend way out beyond the two of you & your own kids!