Friday, March 15, 2013

Things are fine! Yay modern medicine!

I went to my regular OBGYN this week to talk about my new diagnosis and information.  Besides the simple fact that I am in love with him his talent, he is amazing at putting me at ease quickly and calmly.

I don't think my OB is for everyone - in fact, when I describe him to people sometimes they seem horrified.  But he is perfect for me.  He answers questions quickly and with a confidence that leaves no room for doubt - which is what I need!  And sometimes when I double check (hey, I'm slightly neurotic!), he shoots me down with a laugh and quick shrug as to indicate that I am actually being neurotic.  I love this.  

Me:  I found out I have that prothrombrin thing... and I am a little concerned I am going to need to take blood thinners, and I hate shots... and I am um... kind of freaked out that my baby isn't okay in there?

Him:  Did they put you on aspirin?  Anything?  Nah, you're fine.  Not a big deal.

Me:  But after delivery do I need to take blood thinners?

Him:  Probably not.  Blood thinners have their own set of complications and you don't need to be on them without a good reason.  Which you don't really have.  Lemme ask you a question you won't know the answer to - how many kidneys do you have?

Me:  Two.

Him:  You think you have two.  Plenty of people have gotten in car accidents and then they find out hey, I've got one kidney!  What do I do now??  Nothing.  You do nothing, you were fine before and you're fine now. Same with you.  You know something a little scary about yourself that most people would go their whole life not knowing, but we're not gonna have to treat something you don't have symptoms of.  

So I feel much, much better today.  We did go into a few details about how delivery will be monitored a little more closely and such, but he said we'll go over it more as the day gets closer.  Next visit is the dreaded glucose test, which I tried my hardest to get out of with "Well don't I look plenty healthy to you???"  Apparently not.

Finally, I am working on a post about Little Man and Ex that is taking all the strength I have in the world.  I am really trying to not make it a crazy rant about how much Ex is pissing me off lately, and actually make it about the topic I am discussing.  We'll see how that one goes when I post it.  

Happy (??)  Ides of March!  


  1. Hey Tara,
    Blood thinners are not necessarily shots. After my knee replacements it was pills, althought I did have to get blood drawn to monitor the Prothrombin times. Not quite the same as "shots: but similar. Hang in there.
    "Mommie" Kester

    1. :) I am!! Thanks for reading/commenting and letting me know :)

  2. Just to give my 2 cents again, the only blood thinners that are safe during pregnancy are injections. Or aspirin, which isn't strong enough for most people that need a thinner during pregnancy. Most people just take coumadin/warfarin when they need a thinner, but those aren't safe during pregnancy. :)