Monday, April 29, 2013

Pre-Baby To-Do List Update!

The last two weekends have been fairly uneventful ones.  Usually as the weather gets warmer my first instinct is to SCHEDULE ALL THE FUN!!! and book us solid til the end of summer.  But between being pregnant and the fact that it has been over 9 weeks since Little Man has gone on a visit to Ex's house, we haven't been going activity crazy like we usually do.

We've actually spent the last two weekends cleaning house and organizing our lives.  It has been a tedious and exhausting few projects, but the results are making my inner-Martha Stewart ridiculously happy!  Our linen closets have been cleaned out and organized, bathrooms cleaned and decluttered, basement emptied, pantry moved and restocked, bookshelves built, and my office cleared to make headway on turning it into a guestroom.  Whew!  Typing all that reminds me that we have gotten so much more done than I even hoped we could have in just a few weekends.

There are still several projects we want to get done, but it is looking like we'll be able to finish the last of the cleaning and organizing in one or two more weekends at home.  Then it is on to decorating and organizing the nursery, which I can't wait to get to!!

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