Monday, April 1, 2013

April Truth

Welcome to April, the month where nothing happens and the weather is ridiculous.

This last week has been a whirlwind of activity - a couple of therapy appointments for Little Man, the Passover dinner we went to (the food was amazing, the company awesome), and then Easter which we split between Hubs' family during the day and mine at night.  For awhile it felt like we never stopped moving!  This week promises to be a lot more laid back, which I am absolutely ready for right about now.

Therapy has been going well for Little Man.  He seems to be liking the new PT, and she is willing to work around his little quirks.  You know, where he can't walk too far from the t.v. and he needs constant fruit-snack rewards.  We're down to maybe one or two mini-tantrums a lesson, which is a huge improvement from last year when the lesson was a giant tantrum the full time.  

At his behavioral appointment, his doctor seems pretty concerned right now for poor LM's teeth.  The chewing/biting/gnawing is out of control, and there is nothing we seem to be able to do to stop it.  He gave him another Chewy Tube which he loves, but it still doesn't distract him from the fact that everything looks so delicious nom nom nom!  Even with the Chewy Tubes and designated chewable toys, Easter weekend alone had him chomping on the following non-edible items;

* The side of the dining room table at the Easter brunch

* The decorative pillows on Grandma's couch

* The bottom of the one remaining sippy cup that does not leak

* The edges of his DVD player, and also the electrical cord that powers it

So we've got another appointment in two weeks to see the doctor again and talk about how the attempts at distracting LM from "non approved" chewing objects works out.  That, in addition to the miles of paperwork I have to do to prep for his IEP and therapy evaluations with his coordinator (I have over thirty pages of diagnostics and forms), setting up visits with ortho/hemo/dentist/pediatrician, and then my own appointments to follow up on Baby Vegas - whew.  I guess I really need to redefine "laid back"... at least for this week it means that most of this I can do with a phone glued to my ear, laptop on my lap, and stuck on the couch...

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