Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sleep is for the weak

I am already on overload this week, and my fuse is oh-so-short.  Despite my early predictions for a lazy week, it's been a stressful couple of days.

Monday night when Hubs came home we sat down to tackle the paperwork that Little Man's therapy coordinator had sent home with me.  Of course, I'd glanced at it in the office and tucked it away knowing that it would be a lengthy process once we got home - but I had no idea.  There were nine different developmental questionnaires, some of them several pages long.  One survey had almost 300 questions.  And 85% of the surveys were full of questions not developmentally applicable to Little Man. Many of the questions focused on his verbal reactions to things, which because he is non-verbal were fairly impossible to answer.  

Either way, they had to be filled out to the "best of our ability"... and so for 2.5 hours Hubs and I slaved away at the surveys.  Then we both crawled into bed and tried to turn off our brains for a few precious hours of sleep.  

Little Man woke up the next morning at five am, and then decided he would be awake for the day. Which meant I got nothing done til afternoon because I was a zombie.  But car insurance (I saved a BUNCH of money switching to 'married' and getting joint insurance with Hubs) paperwork had to be worked out, then Little Man was a hot mess because he refused to nap... til around 4:45 when he passed out on the couch for an hour.  Greaaaaaaat.  You know what that meant?  It meant that he wasn't going to sleep at night, no matter how tired we all were from our day.  

So even though Little Man was in bed at 9:30, he was awake til after 1 am.  Which meant I stayed up and worried that he was getting into trouble in his room, and was checking on him every half hour to make sure his diaper was still on and the stuffed animals were all still stuffed.  At 1 am I finally gave up and went to bed myself.  Well, I did after waking up Hubs and worrying that Little Man spending hours staring at crib walls at night is stunting his development.  Hubs sleepily stated that I am no longer allowed to read the internet and to go to bed.  

Little Man was up at 8 this morning, despite probably not sleeping much last night.  At this point, I can't really track his sleep accurately because I sleep more than he does.  I am at the end of my rope.  I want a better answer to his sleep problems than "lets just close him up in his room and he'll either sleep or not."

This all just means that today I am wishing for a giant cup of coffee, or a nap.   I can't have either, and so I'm cranky.  But life goes on, apparently I still need to grocery shop and make food, maybe even see a friend or two on their days off this week.  

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