Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Oh hey 32 weeks - I remember you!

Here we are - 32 weeks pregnant and exhausted.  I am seriously over all the peeing too.  I feel like I never stop peeing.  Even if I don't drink much, I have to pee.  And if I drink the recommended amount of water, it is like I have my finger over a hole in a dam and every time I stand up I take it off and need to rush to the bathroom.

The pre-nesting organization kick I am on hasn't stopped either.  Monday I went through my spice cabinet and made an Excel spreadsheet with a list of every spice and how much I had in alphabetical order.  Then I did the same with my freezers.  Out of control I tell you.

Of course, these little bursts of energy are followed immediately by me plopping onto the couch and watching seven episodes of "Snapped", stopping only when my husband gently hints to me that he fears for his safety since I now know all the ways in the world to kill him and hide the evidence.

I should admit that I am fortunate to have the most patient husband ever.  We are complete opposites when it comes to sleep schedules and he has definitely overindulged my love of sleep and laziness throughout the pregnancy.  He has been the one to wake up with the dog and the kidlet every weekend while he lets me sleep as late as I want to... then he stays up as late as he can so he can watch movies and cuddle with me.  He has also been dealing really well with my need to make list after list of tasks to complete before the baby gets here.  And the crying that ensues in the middle of the night when I think of what we haven't prepared for yet.  Yep, he's amazing.

There is very little left to be done (I feel like this has been my mantra to Hubs over the past few weeks to convince him to keep going).  Hubs is going to paint and finish the last of the big projects during his week off of work, and then comes my favorite part - organizing tiny little outfits and diapers in bins and drawers, setting up the crib and the nursery.  My in-laws have been amazing throughout this pregnancy too... as I purge the house of everything that isn't treasured or nailed down, they've made at least 5 trips over here to fill up their truck and take things to the Goodwill.  We must have given away an entire second house by now, and it is incredible how great it feels to get rid of things you know are just sitting around and you'll never use again.  It has taken a bit longer than we originally thought to get everything finished - but really it is my fault because I keep thinking of "just one more thing"... Hahaha!

Back to watching one of my guilty pleasure shows - "Campus PD".  Today is definitely one of my lazy days.

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