Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The One Where We Register For School

Little Man is officially in the school system and pre-registered for kindergarten next year.  It kind of makes me want to start panicking.  He will be five in July - that seems so much farther from babyhood than four.

We went down to his local elementary school to register him, which was a feat in itself.  Somehow despite all my best laid plans of having every single piece of information from his multiple doctors and working for weeks to make sure everything was in place, I ended up forgetting to bring proof of residency.  Facepalm.  So in the middle of a monsoon, I end up dragging Little Man back and forth to school 4 times, and then I still had somehow misplaced one of the forms and ended up filling out extra paperwork in the office.  I had thought everything being done at home would make for a short trip, so Little Man was running around the office in circles trying to explore, while I frantically filled in tiny little boxes and bribed him with the stale Sour Patch kids in the bottom of my purse.  Mom of the Year.  Then cue awkward whispers from the staff about how we need to rush his registration because he's *special*.  Little Man does not care at all that he's "special" so there is no need to invoke the stage whisper.  Besides, I think it only works in '90s sitcoms.

Of course, the best part of all the chaos is that Little Man's local elementary school does not actually have a very large special needs program (ahhh the stage whispers make more sense now).  He will more than likely end up being sent to an elementary school that has separate special education classes, which is what I think will be most beneficial for him right now.  Since he's still not potty-trained, still non-verbal, and still putting everything in his mouth - I'm 100% against putting him in a classroom full of boisterous, academically-focused*, germy little kidlets.  While I do think that typical kids can benefit from learning alongside non-typical kids, I think that Little Man is just too far behind his peers right now to be ready for a completely inclusive kindergarten setting.  So we shall see what happens at his IEP meeting.  My ideal setting for him is in a special education class with a para educator following him all day long - including bus rides.  From what I've gathered it isn't out of the realm of possibility, and that other kids in the county do get these services. We got notified this morning that his developmental testing will be the first week of July, and his IEP will follow shortly after.  So hope for smooth sailing and send us good thoughts!

*As in, they are learning colors and numbers while Little Man is focusing on life skills and therapy
My goofball
There are only 64 days left (more or less) til Baby Vegas makes his appearance on the scene.  This Saturday I'm having family and a couple girlfriends over to celebrate!  My mother, sister, and best friend are all leaving the country for long periods of time over the summer and won't be back til a week before the baby is born, so I wanted to squeeze in a quick party before they left.  Hubs and I are in cleaning mode getting the last few house projects in order before they come down to visit.  We just finished the new guest room and are almost finished clearing out the space for the nursery.  I'm a little frustrated because somehow in the 3 moves I've had since Little Man was born I have lost a couple of my favorite baby items to the great moving truck in the sky.  -___-  I know I wouldn't purposefully have thrown them out, and we have scoured and reorganized every single corner of this house with no luck finding them.  Blegh.

Then I opened the trash bag that was storing the infant car seat out in the garage (3 moves, and I'm classy), and the car seat fabric is covered in mold!  Does anyone know if this can be salvaged, and if so... how?!?!  Help!  I think we are going to get a new carseat for the baby anyways because this one is a Graco, which is nice for the travel set aspect but it is so so heavy when you stick that baby in it - but I would like to have this one usable for a backup/the second car.

So that's everything I think I needed to catch up on...It's Wednesday so that means I have some serious grocery planning/shopping to get done today.

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