Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The One Where I Got To Practice

Last week was an adventure to be sure!  We had a great time grilling out on Saturday with our families and a few of my girlfriends to celebrate Baby Vegas.   Food, chocolate, gossip, and gifts - what's not to love?!  I was so excited to have everyone over I seriously overdid it on the standing and running around, and paid for it dearly the next day.  I spent most of Sunday in bed with sore feet and an aching back.

Me and Hubs!

Monday and Tuesday one of my girlfriends needed a sitter for her little one while she worked.  Her daughter is five months old and the cutest thing I've ever seen, so I jumped at the chance to watch her.  Of course, Monday was astonishingly easy... she ate, she giggled, she slept, she smelled so good I wanted to eat her (Little Man, I love you, but you smell like a Big Kid)... after her momma picked her up I called my own mom and bragged about how I was the baby whisperer.  No really.  I was a freakin' genius with the babies.  I even managed to cook and do laundry. YOU GUYS BABIES ARE SO EASY!

Then it was Tuesday.  And the baby came back for Round 2. Which she won, hands down. She was still really cute, she smelled good, she was really snuggly...  But she didn't have her magical go-to-sleep-binky.  So she didn't sleep.  She just wanted to be held, or she would cry.  Which made my Little Man cry and cling to my leg in response to the noise.  Which made my dog bark at the insanity of two crying ickle beasties.  YOU GUYS BABIES ARE SO HARD!   So my husband came home early from work arrived in the nick of time so we could divide and conquer the tiny humans. [And I should note here that if I hadn't already been pregnant, the sight of my husband cooing at and carrying a tiny little baby would have gotten me knocked up immediately.]  When I talked to my mother that night I implied that perhaps I will be letting Baby Vegas stay in my womb until he is two or three and I am ready to take care of him.

So the rest of the week seemed uneventful after my babysitting adventures.  I had an OB checkup where I found out I am finally gaining weight - 4 lbs in two weeks!  Yikes!  It actually still leaves me under where the "average" weight gain is for 32 weeks (+13 overall) but I am not really thrilled it is all showing up so fast!  If I look at my weekly pictures though I can tell I've finally "popped" and gotten that preggo-belly, so hopefully that's where I put most of the poundage.

See!  Belly-time!
Then on Friday the baby girl came back over for a lunch date (with her mom and another friend of mine), and was such a precious little angel I decided I would let Baby Vegas come out of the womb on time after all.  Not to mention it is getting seriously crowded in there... he is a pushy little fellow!  His kicks and movements are almost sharp, and very aggressive - I definitely don't remember them being like that with Little Man.

So overall, baby-sitting was a great success.  I got to help out a great friend of mine, snuggle with a cute baby, and remember that despite the occasional rough patch with a little one, it is all worth it when they smile at you and fall asleep.  I cannot wait to have a sweet-smelling bundle of newborn baby in my arms come August.   And I will definitely be baby-sitting again sometime, although perhaps I will not be so quick to name myself Baby Whisperer...


  1. I am so glad I have such an amazing friend to help me out not only when the baby is an angel, but when she is having her sassy moments too.
    Thank you!

  2. You're so very welcome... I love you and your sassy baby angel to pieces!