Thursday, February 14, 2013

The One With Plastic Hearts and Cupid Arrows

Happy Valentine's Day!

I am absolutely the worst person at celebrating holidays.  Ever.  I buy gifts last minute, I am terrible at picking out cards, I often forget the day entirely.

Of course, I married my complete opposite.  My husband is fantastic with holidays.  He remembers every one months in advance, he listens to what you've said you wanted all throughout the year and magically remembers it in time to get it for you as your present, he gets you cards for no reason...  Oh, and he writes Thank You Notes.  Yeah.  He's that guy.

So as usual, Valentine's Day is here and I have done... very little. (Read:  I am doing things now)  And my husband started giving me gifts last night at midnight.  Because he is so excited HE COULDN'T WAIT.  

It's not like I don't love seeing people enjoy the gifts I get them, or thanking people when they give me gifts.  I get the warm fuzzies just like everyone else.  I am just a huge procrastinator, and holidays are so easy to keep putting off... until they are there, staring you in the face.

So this year for V-Day, I am glad we are keeping it relaxed.  Yesterday we got to hear Baby Vegas' heartbeat again and the doctor told us things are still moving along great, so today is extra special.  Tonight will be a steak dinner and catching up on DVR in our pajamas.  My kind of holiday!

Gotta go, Hubs called to let me know that he had flowers delivered and they are waiting outside.
Damn he's good.

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