Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The One With Skinny Genes

Yesterday was our big appointment with the Genetic Counselor up at Hopkins.  Holy. Long. Day.  We left the house around 8:15 and got to the doctor's by 10:45 or so.  Better than I thought but still excruciating.

The appointment itself was very intense.  Trying to detail your family tree while corralling an overtired four year old would be a challenge for anyone, let alone while you are dealing with crazy hormones and your own tiredness.  I also noticed that Little Man's hair smelled kind of funky while we were at the appointment - so I was super self-conscious that the doctor was sniffing him whenever Little Man walked by her chair.   I don't even know why it the only thing I could think of during the appointment.  Plus, how she was going to manage to get close enough to the top of his hair to sniff it?  But I was sure she was going to judge us.  Welcome to my world, I am insane.

(To clarify, I felt like his hair smelled like a wet towel.  Hubs can neither confirm or deny this because he refused to smell the hair.  Chicken.)

Counseling suggested to us that we get screened for the 100 "typical" genetic carrier tests, and then an extra panel that would test us for blood disorders like hemophilia, because of Little Man's history.   Although Little Man has been tested for most blood disorders (and they were negative) because of his brain bleed, she thought it would put our minds at ease.  Oh - except for the part where we are going to find out we are carriers for something because everyone has something... but yeah, don't worry about that.  Or the fact that they can tell you things like... you are at a higher risk for spontaneous brain aneurysms.  Do we want to know if that is the case?  

Um.  No.  Just don't tell me.  Every time I had a headache I would be certain I'm dying.  I'm a smidge dramatic that way.

Then we had our first trimester screening ultrasound and found out that I have a backwards tilted uterus.  Which the ultrasound tech told me was not even important, except that the baby was hard to see.  And gave me a crazy nightmare last night about the baby sloshing around upside down on my spine.  See - there is that drama again!  The screening was normal.  Which was expected but always a blessing.

After all the bloodwork and picture taking - we dashed out of that building like our lives depended on it.  We beat the parade traffic out of the city and made it home in record time.

I was supposed to have another regular visit with my OB's office down here today, but at nine this morning I got a call that someone had marked "High-Risk" on my chart.  This meant I was no longer allowed to see just the nurse practitioner, I have to see the OB every visit.   So instead I get the night off to watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and make a decent dinner for everyone.

... Actually I just saw a picture of the Red Robin BBQ wrap on a friend's Facebook.  There goes dinner!

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