Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The One Where We're Alllllll Sick Now

Yep.  Of course now that Little Man has come down with a case of the Runny Sneezys, we're all up to our elbows in snotty tissues and wet pillows.  Too much info?  Yeah, maybe.

He wipes his face on the pillows if I don't wipe his face fast enough when he drips.
Even more info, you're welcome.

Of course, even though Hubs has been doing 90% of the nose-wiping, I caught the crud first.  So I've been a sweaty feverish mess since this morning, with all the goodness that goes with it.  Hubs has been great with the watching/feeding of the whole family though.  He made pancakes.  And heated up nuggets.  And ordered Chinese.

I didn't say he was gourmet, I said he was feeding us.  Still great though.

I'm just hoping I feel better for tomorrow - I have lots of food to eat.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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