Thursday, November 1, 2012

The First One In November

Halloween at our house was pretty quiet.  I was in a funk all day yesterday, so when Hubs got home from work he ended up being the one dressed up and handing out candy while I made baked mac and cheese (whoops wedding diet, but so worth it).  I'd gotten all the Halloween out of my system earlier this month with a couple Halloween parties anyways.

 Me and Hubs as Sally and Jack from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
I went to another party that weekend and did full face makeup for Sally.  Credit to one of my bests for helping me get it all just right :)
See, I didn't skip Halloween!   Although my mother called that night and insisted that Little Man should trick or treat.   He didn't seem too interested in the idea...

Managed to sleep through all the doorbell ringing and dog barking that accompanies Halloween Night!

Little Man passed out at exactly 6 pm, thereby missing all the designated tricking and treating time.  Obviously I was heartbroken.  As I ate my mac and cheese in my pajamas and watched Survivor.  Yep, totally heartbroken.

This was actually the first Halloween in three years where Little Man hasn't been sick and cranky, and where I even managed to get him in a picture where he was remotely interested in keeping his costume on...

For some reason I keep trying to put him in costumes with a hood or headpiece, and he just hates those.  It isn't my fault, he got one picture as a baby in this Winnie the Pooh outfit where he is so freaking cute that I want him to take another just like it... and instead of getting cute, I get miserable shark/dog/frog/whatever it is that year. 

So Happy Halloween from our house to yours!  I'm going to get back to eating leftover candy and pretending like I'm getting housework done today. 

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