Monday, November 26, 2012

The One With Germs

Still here, still sick.

This is fairly typical.  Usually if I get sick I am A) An absolute trainwreck and B) can't shake it for days.  Little Man is the total opposite, he'll be running around the house giggling and swiping at his running nose, stop to puke, and keep on laughing.  If he stops moving you know he feels terrible.

Me?  I spent all of Friday and Saturday sleeping.  I would wake up only to cough and text Hubs to bring up more tea and medicine.  I got up to go to the opening weekend of Sound of Music, and then came home to dive under the covers and sleep more.  I managed to make dinner Sunday night and then collapsed in a heap on the couch.

This morning the Little Man and I are both still sick, but somehow he's running laps around the house and I am camping on the sofa with my tea and tissues.

I'll have what he's having next time.

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