Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The One About Eating Clean

I read a TON of blogs.  Its a slightly unhealthy addiction.  But I started with one... who lead to another... and another... and I can't part with any of them! 

So through the blog chain (and Pinterest, damn Pinterest) I have found a lot of information lately about "clean eating."  And it has really struck a cord with me.  Yesterday I called Hubs at work and told him when he came home there would be no more Cheezits or junk food in the pantry.  We were taking a 10 day pledge to eat non-processed, healthy and natural foods.   He made me promise to save the ice cream for after the 10 days were up, but otherwise didn't protest.

Of course, we will be making room for a couple cheats and mods in our plan.  We will be drinking, because that is not really optional with our family.  We have two wine and beer festivals in the next two weeks alone!  We also have been using coffee creamer, but agreed tonight we would try to move towards milk-only during the next day or so when that runs out.  But other than that... we're doing great!  1.5 days in and we're not dying.  We're making smart decisions and going to be healthy dammit! 

Clean grocery trip!  Only $95 and I managed to stock up for the week!

Today's trip to the grocery store felt awesome.  I didn't buy anything junk (except the juice, which is for LM).   They are all foods we like anyways, we just need more of them in our lives, so that part isn't hard.  The hard part will be making sure that we don't get lazy and fall back onto convenience foods.  I should also try to forget that Papa John's owes us a free pizza. 

Tonight's dinner was a great start!  Homemade sausage sauteed with pepper, spinach and onion, served over spaghetti squash.  Yum!!  I made a berry sauce over Greek yogurt for dessert... that was not quite a hit with Hubs.  He grimaced through an entire (very small) bowl, and he said it was the only thing I've ever served him that he didn't like.   He kept reminding me it was the yogurt, not my berry sauce recipe that he hated.  But it was cute to watch him try to enjoy it because he knows how important eating healthy is to me (right now, don't get too excited here.)

So there ya have it.  Wish us luck, and hopefully even after our ten-day junk food free pledge is over we can continue eating more clean foods and improve our overall health.  And if I lose a pound or ten... well that would be swell too!

I'll leave you with this photo of Little Man in the grocery store.  No less than seven people stopped to talk to me today and give me their two cents on everything from spaghetti sauce to parenting.  Sleeping babies are apparently a great conversation starter.
People were impressed that I considered his comfort by providing the dirty towel from the backseat of the car as a neck pillow. 

I don't think Little Man cares much about clean eating either way.

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  1. Lee hates Greek Yogurt too. He doesn't mind it if it's in a recipe where we can't taste it by itself...but by itself he cant stand it.