Friday, August 31, 2012

The One Where I Curse The City of Baltimore

Thats it, all I have to say.  The Grand Prix on Labor Day weekend???


The trip that normally takes 4 hours of driving took about 5 1/2 with Grand Prix road closings and traffic. 

In other news, Little Man is nearsighted and has a slight astigmatism.  But not enough of either to warrant glasses (that he wouldn't wear anyways).   I am incredibly impressed that Wilmer Eye Center managed to deduce this while he was screaming, kicking, and then eventually watching his portable DVD player while pushing away any instruments that got close enough to him to touch.

During the final part of the appointment, Little Man passed out sitting up from sheer exhaustion.  He'd had behavioral psych before the eye appointment, so we'd been in doctors offices from about noon til four.

At least we had all that traffic to nap the whole way home.  Ughhh.

And waiting for us at home was a lovely delivery from Medi Rent.  10 boxes of medical gloves (what???), 15 boxes of crib pads, 1 package of wipes (?), and 260 diapers.   Even if we never got another diaper delivery, that's about a 2.5 month supply.  Hurray!!! 

And now, off to enjoy a Blue Moon during the blue moon.  Happy Long Weekend! 

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