Thursday, August 9, 2012

The One Sponsored By Caffeine

I love getting to spend breakfast with Little Man... he gets a big bowl of dry cereal and I get coffee. I usually give him a mix of two kinds of cereal because I get a kick out of watching him pick through the bowl to find his favorite kind to eat first. Sometimes that backfires... like this morning when he just dumped the bowl on the floor for easier sorting.
I really hate when he comes back from a weekend with his dad though, because he will.not.nap. I've tried everything, rocking him, singing to him, tv on, tv off, quiet room, snuggles... It never works. After a few days he settles back in to his naptime ritual, but the first few days are HELL.

Today for example -  finally got him down to sleep last night at midnight, so I was pretty sure we were gold this morning.  I was also super excited, cause Mommy went out to see her friends compete in a karaoke competition and was not in the mood for an early morning.  What time does Little Man wake up?

5:13 am.  Before Hubs even wakes up for work, before the dog needs to go out, before the kitten wants breakfast...

And WAY before Mommy wanted to wake up.  So I turned up the baby monitor and crossed my fingers thinking he might fall asleep again.

Nah.  He was up. 

Guess when he finally napped for the day?

4:48 PM. 

Luckily Hubs had a meeting downtown which meant he came home early!

Apparently when he came in the door, I gave him the Look of Death.  He said he wanted to do something nice for me, since I looked so stressed out.  "Why don't you go grocery shopping?  We haven't been in ages!"  He suggested I get a list together "real quick" and clip coupons and then shop for things like 50 lb bags of dog food and toilet bowl cleaner.  He was sure I'd want to get out of the house, away from the screaming extra sleepy baby.   "You can put on some makeup and real clothes!  You love going out!  You don't wanna wear pajamas all day do you??"

It took an hour to plan and clip, then another hour and a half to shop (it wouldn't have taken that long but the store is 24 minutes away round trip.)

Guess who missed naptime?  I'll give you a hint.  It wasn't Hubs.

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