Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The One With That Bald Kid

I have a love-hate relationship with this kid.
Caillou.  Devil spawn.  How his own parents haven't kicked him out of the house is beyond me. 

Caillou has been on today for the past... four hours.  I've had to clean and organize my disaster area of a living room/office, and its been the only way to get things done.  Little Man loooooves Caillou with a passion that I don't understand fully at all.

The only problem with Caillou is, unlike the other show Little Man is obsessed with (Thomas the Tank Engine)... it whips Little Man into a frenzy.  Think Tasmanian Devil mixed with an orchestra conductor who is part eight week old puppy.

If you're envisioning something that runs around the living room, jumping up and down waving its arms, chewing on anything that isn't tied down and squealing in excitement... that's about right.

I used to avoid Caillou because of just this reaction.  Then I kind of said... screw it.  He loves Caillou.  It is one of the few times I genuinely see him belly laughing and so excited he wants to burst.  Its how I feel on Christmas morning... but every.single.time. Caillou is on.  Who am I to say that's not okay?  I'm his mom, I should want him to be this happy as often as I can.

So sometimes, when I'm busy, I throw Caillou on for a long stretch and I am the best mother in the whole world.  Even if he doesn't say a word, or ask for it, I watch him being so happy and know that I am awesome.

Oh, and then I give him this:

Its "Squeaky Bath Toy Caillou".  Also known as Chewy Caillou.  He can be bitten, ripped apart, and squeezed to death with no consequences.  And his head comes off.  If your kids have ever used a Chewy Tube, its the same kind of material. I guess he's way more fun to chew though, according to Little Man.  This saves my pillow cushions, books, wood furniture, and tv stand when Caillou is on.  Well.  Some of those things.  Sometimes we throw Chewy across the room and forget where he went, and then we eat a couch cushion.

And now Caillou is being turned off for naptime and lunch, and I am officially the worst mom ever.  At least until the next time I turn on Caillou.


  1. My kids are older now but I could have written that all about "Blues Clues" back in the day! Found you on BlogHer, popped over here and joined your blog as a follower. Here's where you can find me:

    1. I'm glad you found me! I can't wait to read your blog!