Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The One Where This Wedding Is Creeping Up On Me...

Less than three weeks til the wedding, and I am slowly turning into a nervous wreck.

I don't know if I've mentioned before that I hate planning.  I'm sure I have.  If not - I do.  The only times I've planned events that have gone successfully have been times where someone else helped me get through it.   Or that time I decided to throw a 26th birthday party even though I was on Day 2 of a horrific stomach virus.  That actually went really well, despite the warning signs.

But seriously, I sent out invites to my first wedding via Facebook because I didn't think to get enough wedding invitations - from Staples, where we'd picked them out.  I'm that kind of planner.

The last couple days I've been Facebook chatting nonstop with a group of my friends who have urged (possibly begged) me to make some sort of concrete plan for when we get to Vegas.  So I (or maybe one of them) found a website and booked 17 tickets to see Cirque de Soilel while we're out there.  I thought that would really be the extent of planning, because hey that's a big outing, but now I'm slogging through websites (also given to me by the girls- thank God) trying to find restaurant and club reservations - because apparently you can't just walk in to a club out there! 

The part that gets me hung up when I plan is that I try really hard to please everyone, and then worry that I'm not doing it right.  I want everyone to have fun, everyone to feel comfortable, everyone to know that they are being considered... and it makes my head explode with the pressure.  And then I invariably end up pissing someone off because I am too wound up to realize that I am making a huge error somewhere, and that just perpetuates the stress... you get the picture.  

So today I am covered in itchy hives, and was up last night til four in the morning tossing and turning and freaking out.  Hubs got rudely awakened more than once by my sniffles that I am ready for this wedding to be here so I can go back to not ever planning a huge outing ever again.  I also managed to do something bad to my abdomen last week that feels like my skin is being stretched super thin on the right side... I keep looking down to see if I'm getting stretch marks there!  I assume it is probably a pulled muscle.  Or my liver trying to break free.  Something like that.  I can't wait for health insurance.

I'm taking the day off from planning.  I hate that I get myself all worked up and start to dread something I should be enjoying.  This is going to be a great wedding and a fabulous vacation with a group of people I love more than any other people in the world.  I need to relax and breathe. 

Wish me luck.

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