Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The One With The Scale

Confession:  I have body image issues.

I am one of those people who constantly complains about their body.  It is annoying, its melodramatic, I can't stand it about myself.   It is involuntary.  I catch myself telling yet another friend how unhappy I am and I cringe internally.  I never liked hearing that sort of negativity in college (when I was fine with my weight), and now I am that person I couldn't stand.

And its not like I need to lose massive amounts of weight.  As of March, I needed to lose 20 lbs to be back at my goal weight (post college-pre baby weight gain).  But every morning when I got up, I hated what I saw in the mirror.  I hated seeing the stacks of cute clothes I couldn't wear any more.  I hated feeling dumpy and lumpy and "mom-esque".  I missed feeling cute and fun when I dressed up.  All I could see when I looked in the mirror was blerghhhhh. 

So back in March, I made a pledge to myself that this year I would start actively making changes.  I would try to stop complaining as much.  I  would actually do something to lose the weight I was bitching about instead of just staying miserable and chubby.

So I bought a scale.  I started exercising during Little Man's naps, and took a couple classes at a local gym.  While the gym part didn't stick, the home exercising did, and I lost 5 lbs eventually.  Then I got stuck for awhile, and had been waffling back and forth around the same 2-3 lbs.

I was bummed.   I had been exercising, but I hated that I had so little to show for it.  My friends convinced me I was building muscle or something (they are really sweet friends).  But I still hated that stinking scale, mocking from the corner of the bathroom and telling me I was never going to be happy with myself at this weight.

I decided a couple weeks ago to start eating clean.   Not just for the weight loss aspect, but because it really struck a cord in me when I realized how much I rely on processed junk foods and take out when I could make something much tastier from scratch.   AND it normally leaves me feeling happier and more satisfied that I fed myself and my family a home cooked meal.

Since my eating clean challenge began, I finally got out of that plateau!  Not only that, I have lost another 3 lbs!  Which puts me at halfway to my goal weight!!!!

I am so thrilled that I'm finally making my goals a reality.  I don't want to be that person that whines and cries how nothing ever happens for them while they never make a move towards change.  I am making changes in my life to make myself happy.   I will get to the point where I can look in the mirror again and say "Hot damn.  Looking good."

I am starting to love my body again.  And it feels nice to be able to say that.


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    1. Thank you! Following up as we speak :)