Monday, September 10, 2012

The One Where I Try To Get Organized

I'm a hot mess. 

I have so many projects to tackle, things I want to do, housework needs to be completed... It is all piling up and I'm overwhelmed.  I need to make changes in my household.

When I first started reading blogs back in '08, I found the recipe blog by Stephanie O'dea.  I was a terrible cook at the time, and her easy Crockpot recipes and tiny pictures of all the ingredients made cooking seem like a snap.    Of course now I read these fancy schmancy cooking blogs with beautiful pictures in natural lighting, and 25 different steps per recipe.  And while they are fun and amazing and talented cooks... I have a soft spot in my heart for this blog of my past, and the no-fail cooking methods.

Anyways, I've been recommending this blog to friends for many years now.  In the meantime, she's gotten famous.  Her blog journey turned into several cookbooks, and my new favorite tool - The Totally Together day planner.

Since I am not an advertisement, just a happy consumer, the short story is that this planner is a great tool for me to organize my life.  I started it last night and am already loving the organizational tips.  Weekly chores versus monthly chores, reminders to schedule appointments, cleaning solutions... I love it.   I'll let you know if it lasts more than a month, because then it will be a miracle!

My goal for this month is to be more organized at home.  I want to do more meal planning, because I feel like it really saves us money.  I want to keep on top of chores daily rather than spending entire days cleaning and other days doing nothing.  I want to have days where I can tackle my big projects (erhm, Little Man's medical binder needs to be first on that list).

As much as these seem like tiny "wants", they all add up to a giant "NEED" to get organized for the sake of family harmony.  So wish me luck.  Today I am going to plan a menu for the week, and finish up several blog posts that have been waiting around half-written. Baby steps!

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