Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The One With Good Mornings

(Good) Mornings here are incredibly lazy and slow.  Hubs gets up at some ungodly hour to get ready for work.  Probably around six or so, but after about a month of living together I quit acting like I was totally cool getting up early with him and now I just sleep away and kiss him goodbye when he leaves.

I didn't want him to get spoiled.  Plus, I am a much better wife with extra sleep.

So Hubs gets up super early.  He walks the dog, watches the morning news, drinks a cup of coffee... and heads off to work by 7:00 - 7:30.  At least, I assume he does these things, since every morning I put his coffee cup in the dishwasher, change the tv channel to the "fun" channels, and the dog doesn't pee on the floor.  Remember, I am still sleeping.

Hubs' last act before heading off to work is to turn on my bedside baby monitor.  Sometimes Little Man is up, and sometimes he's not.  It really all depends on how many escapes he's had the night before, and what time he actually passed out.  Today for example, he was slightly awake.  He'd gone to bed early (1:30 AM) and since he had skipped nap yesterday we got a longer sleep. 

So at 8 AM I hear the toy alarm signaling he'd like me to bring him to breakfast.  We shuffle downstairs and get dressed for the day - typically a switch to a clean pair of his modified jammies and a fresh diaper.  No promises on real clothes for me either, although I skip the diaper.

Then it's my favorite part.  Breakfast!  I pour a great big bowl of cereal for Little Man, and I get a nice hot cup of coffee.  I linger over my coffee and blogs for an hour at least, while Little Man shovels food in his mouth practices his fine motor skills.  I didn't realize how fast I could eat, until I saw how slowly Little Man enjoyed his sugar cereal.

After I drink my coffee, start some laundry, and put away some dishes, I check in with Little Man.  He's not quite done nearly an hour and a half later. 

Well actually.  He's done.  Crunch Berries.   We're fans of the berries, not the crunch.

That counts as a fruit right?

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