Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The One With An Award!

Look!  I got this sweet award!

I am apparently an Illuminating Blog.  (As if you didn't know it already)  ((Kidding, I'm kidding))

That last line of text would not get approved by an English teacher.

But to accept this award, I have to share a random fact about myself.  And then pay it forward by nominating five other blogs. 

So Random Fact:
I walk on my toes.  Everywhere.   I also run on my toes.  So does my little sister.  We have no idea why, my mom used to say it was because we took ballet as kids.   We have amazing calf muscles.  That is actually the only "muscle" of mine that you can see.

There ya go.  That was actually two facts.  Lucky you!  

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