Sunday, September 23, 2012

The One With A Wedding

The wedding this weekend was truly amazing.  I cried as I watched one of my best friends (I firmly believe you can have multiple "best" friends) walk down the aisle.  We'd all swore to ourselves we'd be hard as nails and need no tissues, but the minute the double doors opened up I knew I was going to be a blubbery mess.  Thank God for waterproof mascara!

Hubs and I finally got some cute photos of us to add to the wall. Some are a little too ridiculous for the internet to see... but here is a keeper:

Some of the photos from the wedding will need to be deleted... had a little too much fun ;)
We picked up Little Man this morning and are taking today realllll easy-like.  I found a frozen block of chilli deep in the back of the freezer, and we're letting it thaw out for dinner.  With a side of a couple Redbox dvds.  
Perfect weekend complete :)

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