Monday, September 17, 2012

The One With A Quick Explanation

Holy cow.

I took a little "me-time" this week.  I joined BlogHer about two weeks ago because I am a blog reading addict, and decided to throw my hat into the ring and set up a post or two on their site.  Then the day after I posted my mompetition rant here and cross-posted it to their site, I got an awesome email from them!  They selected "The One With Mompetition" as a featured post for the day, and even added a cute little picture of some crocheted Olympic medals (and a new title).  It was awesome, I felt famous.  And now my little rant has more page views on BlogHer than my entire blog does here.  Bwahahah. 

So I really have no excuse for not posting again, other than that I was sitting in front of my computer hitting refresh and seeing if someone would comment on the post.  My bad.

With all that happening, I decided to bite the bullet and post a tiny, somewhat hidden link to this blog in a comment to a friend on Facebook.  So I think at least two more people have found this blog.  Also super exciting, and a little nerve wracking.   Sorry if I'm not nearly as exciting as my rant made me out to be!  I swear once in a great while we have interesting stories.

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