Sunday, September 30, 2012

The One About Television, and With An Abundance of Parenthesis

So what is everyone watching this season??

Our DVR this season is full of our favorite shows - and we're only mildly embarassed by some of them.  To be totally honest, here is this season's lineup:

Switched At Birth                   (ABC Fam is my guilty pleasure)
Revolution                              (Hubs' new favorite show right now, and I love it too)
NCIS                                       (Hubs' old favorite)
New Girl                                 (Our favorite comedy )
The New Normal                    (We're trying to fall in love but it's not quite there)
Survivor: Phillippines             (I watch every season)
Glee                                        (It's not as great this year)
Grimm                                     (We love this show!)
DCC Making the Team          (Hahaha I conned Hubs into watching it)
Once Upon A Time                 (We love this show!)
666 Park Avenue                     (New, and super scary!)

Yikes.  Does everyone else watch this much tv??   And to be fair - the DVR means this is only our "can't miss" list. 

Yesterday was spent out in the "city"... we walked on the waterfront and ate at a crappy seafood place.  Total bummer since we live so close to so many amazing seafood places.  But I was being really obnoxious slightly cranky because I was so hungry and we chose the closest one.   Wrapped up the day with a trip to the pumpkin patch and farmer's markets.  It is really starting to feel like fall!  I dropped off the Little Man and Hubs at home that night and went out to see an outdoor play with some friends, and got the news that I did not get the part I had auditioned for in a different play.  Bummer, but it wasn't meant to be.

We spent our Sunday cleaning up our DVR and watching old Disney movies on ABC Family. Hubs mowed the grass and I made that White Pizza Grilled Cheese from Pinterest (not so great, and I lost the pin somewhere) and a homemade tomato soup from Tasty Kitchen (very good recipe! You can see my rating on the recipe as proof!)

Hope everyone else's weekend was as relaxed as ours!

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