Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Just Another Day...

Today my master-plan was to make myself a big breakfast and then get to work baking - if I felt like it.  I have homemade English muffins and granola on the list, and if there is time, some whole wheat zucchini muffins.

I woke up to the usual banging and slamming of doors that mean my toddler had escaped from his baby prison and was hungry.  So I shuffled off to make sure he scooted down the stairs without hurting himself, mumbling encouragement through my toothbrush bristles.  I brewed coffee while slapping on his fresh diaper, and threw bacon and eggs in a frying pan while simultaneously turning on Caillou and skipping the "bad parts".

It was the usual lazy grey morning, and when I finally sat down with my cup of coffee and breakfast sandwich I noticed the sweet love note written for me by Hubs.  Less than two months til our wedding, and he thinks I'm great.  I'm summing up cause... well... it's personal.  Hahaha.

I know that as a full-time homemaker and momma sometimes my relationship with Hubs is sidelined.  We get into a rut of making sure the house is running smoothly, the kid is clean and fed, the pets are alive, and our weekends are jammed with as much fun as possible.  I think overall I remember to appreciate Hubs and all that he does, but mornings like this make me want to do something extra special to let him know that I'm thinking of him too.  Let's face it, sometimes (at least once monthly) I'm a total pain in the ass. 

So today instead of having Hubs come home to me in my pajamas and folding some laundry, I'm going to put on a cute outfit and do my makeup, so we can go out tonight. 

We're going to the grocery store.

Ya gotta be realistic here folks.

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