Monday, October 29, 2012

Rock Me Like A Hurricane...

We've spent our hurricane making hot apple cider and gingersnaps, and having spinach lasagna "dinner" at three pm because we were afraid the power would go out.  Of course we had a great time with movie marathons and Facebook chats too because we never ended up losing power [Knock on wood!]

Hurricane Sandy is staying up late and making plenty of noise outside.  We are very fortunate that so far we have been relatively unscathed by this one - Irene was not nearly as kind as Sandy seems to be.  While we lost some siding on the house and had no power for 18 or so hours during Irene, Sandy has only managed to make the basement walls a bit damp and flicker the lights a few times. 

It seems unreal when I watch the devastation that this hurricane is unleashing on places like Ocean City and New York... I just keep being glad we are all okay and safe and my family is safe.  I'm sending out good karmic thoughts and prayers to everyone I know that is experiencing the worst of this storm.

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