Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The One With A Little Controversy

Hubs is working from home today because we had to drive Maximus the kittycat to the vet for his big day... he's getting declawed.

Yeah, I know, declawing is terrible/inhumane/the worst decision ever for a cat.  But it had gotten to the point with Max that we had to either declaw him or send him back to the shelter.  Not only is he destructive to all the furniture in the house, he uses his claws on us or the Little Man accidentally often enough that we were just worried about what could happen.  Little Man also still has the little kid mindset of "loving too hard" and sometimes squeezes on the cat or dog (or us) without realizing how much pressure he is using.   The dog is an older peaceful dog so she doesn't even flinch.  We just squeal.  The cat - well he sometimes doesn't play nice.

Anyways, we're feeling anxious and hoping everything with Max goes well today.  We heard from the vet already and Max is out of surgery and doing well, but they keep him overnight for observation.  I think in the end, all of us will be happier - so we just have to trust our judgement on this one. 

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