Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The One With A Bedroom Dilemma

I'm losing my mind.  Hubs and I don't really sleep anymore.  We just nap. 

The newest alarm system is a closed bedroom door, with the baby gate in front of it.  I was starting to hum the tune from the old toy alarm during waking hours, and it was driving me bonkers.  So now the toy alarm has been relegated to the bathroom for a potty toy (oy, don't even go there) and we have the gate alarm.  When you hear the gate crash down, you wake up and grab the kid and stick him back in bed.  A flawed system probably, but one that prevents him from making it all the way to the stairs without us noticing. 

The problem is that I see no safe alternative to not sleeping.  Sure, we could get a wall-mounted baby gate that Little Man can't knock down.  But then we have no way of knowing if he is awake and roaming his room, and I'm pretty sure he would learn very quickly how to climb over a gate. I have come very close to locking him in his room.  At four thirty this morning, it was very very close.  But I just can't justify it, knowing that something could happen to him where I wouldn't be able to rush in and help him... Maybe I'm being paranoid, I don't know.

Our latest decision is that the crib has to go. At this point he can climb out of it in less than ten seconds.  It is becoming more of a hazard than any kind of help, he hasn't gotten hurt climbing out yet but we can't be sure it won't happen.  So it is going to be a mattress on the floor for now.  Which I'm pretty sure is going to mean extra wakeups for the first few nights til he realizes he has to stay on the mattress and go to bed.  Ughhhhhhh. 

I'm hoping the prescription for melatonin -we finally found a pharmacy that has it - will mean he is at least getting a full eight hours.   It worries me a little that the kid is not sleeping more than five hours at a stretch.  Pretty sure his growth will be stunted or something, and he's already gonna be a small fry. 

Well I need more coffee or this day just isn't going to work out.  I wonder if Medicaid would approve an IV of coffee directly to my veins since that bed thing isn't going to work out...

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