Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Babies, blue paint, and owies

I am dead tired.  I could not find a comfortable position to sleep in last night to save my life, which is apparently my new normal lately.  We had our first doctor's appointment yesterday though, and everything is going well - the baby's brain looks symmetrical and he's moving around plenty!  We will still be going to genetic counseling up at Hopkins starting at 12 weeks "just in case."  I don't even want to think about how terrified I am for that.  The odds of this pregnancy being anything like last time are so low... but until they can look me in the eye and tell me what caused Little Man's IVH, I think pregnancy will always be somewhat scary for me.  On the bright side, I really liked my OB down here and he was very willing to answer any questions I had for him.
Back at home, we've finally started the process of repainting Little Man's bedroom.  The first coat of "Thomas-blue" paint is up on the walls, and we hope to completely finish by this weekend.  That way we can decorate and get everything finished while he is spending time at my Ex's.  K and L came down last weekend and helped us knock out the hard parts, so it isn't too crazy to think we can finish everything by then.

Hubs is "painting"
Yesterday Little Man was running his daily loop around the coffee table and tripped over the cord to his DVD player.  He smashed his chin on the corner of the table and began bleeding everywhere.  Trying to put a band aid on or clean the cut was like trying to catch a greased pig.  I've never tried to do that actually, but my grandmother always used to swear it was difficult.   I held him on my lap for over an hour while he tried desperately to rip his own chin off and therefore kept making his cut bleed more.  If I could never do that again it would be swell.  Further thoughts on this event have led Hubs and I to decide that we are going to invest in Neo To Go spray for the future, because there was really nothing else we could do that Little Man would tolerate.
So much drama, such a tiny cut.

Lastly - please tell me we aren't the only family with our outdoor lights and Christmas tree still up?   We are the biggest procrastinators ever.  

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