Thursday, January 17, 2013

The One With A 90's Flashback

We all remember these right?

So sexy.   Ahem.
At least I do.  I think tearaway pants were really awesome when I was in the 6th grade or so.  Or maybe they were never awesome, but I was twelve so...

Anyways.  Little Man has a new "thing" lately.  His thing is to pretend that diapers are tearaway pants.  Like the cool kids of the 90's, he grabs hold of the diaper and rips it away from his body.  Screw pants!  WHO NEEDS PANTS?

Um.  You do Little Man, you do.  You cannot keep taking off your diaper and letting it hide in your pants leg.  And then peeing all over yourself and/or my house.  It's not cool.  It is actually super duper gross and very stressful.  Every time I hug you I have to double check you're all tucked in, and then if you aren't I have to run around the house sniffing my furniture.  We're running an extra load of laundry every couple days because you can't keep your pants on!

So if anyone has ideas besides duct tape, let me know.  The converted jammies he wears aren't doing the trick for this one.  I'm thinking maybe plastic furniture - that's still cool right?

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