Friday, January 25, 2013

The One Where I Am Wasting Away

It is no big secret - I love wine.  I also drink beer, liquor, fruity mixed drinks - I drink it all.  It is absolutely the biggest hurdle to my weight loss, but one that I have decided I give no f*@$* about.  Booze is full of lovely empty calories, and I could care less.  It is my vice, and I have accepted it.  A glass of wine with dinner after a long day is my favorite way to relax.  A glass of wine with my friends after a long day is my favorite way to start a fantastic night.  If I need to lose weight I exercise a little more, eat better, and call it success.

That being said, I clearly have not been drinking while pregnant.  Nor have I been trying to lose weight.  But I haven't been drinking now for over a month.  And combined with the morning sickness, I have now passed my pre-baby goal weight and am a pound less than I was aiming towards.  It doesn't seem like such a big deal - 6 pounds down since my wedding two months ago.  If I wasn't pregnant I'd be jumping for joy!   That pesky little beer belly I can't get rid of because I will never give up wine because I cheat a little bit is gone!

But I am pregnant.  And I am not hungry.  I have a teeny tiny appetite, and I am trying uber hard to fill up on "good foods".  Not. Working.  I am too lazy to cook and too tired to care.  I take my vitamins and just hope that Baby Vegas appreciates that I can gag them down.  I want to be eating well and having tiny balanced meals all day - and I'm just not.  Blergh.   

I managed to eat an entire cup of soup and a half-salad while out with my girlfriends last night, and considered it a huge accomplishment.  Today its almost noon and I have suffered through a banana, which I tried to split with Little Man.

We went out shopping two nights ago and stocked up on my favorite things, so hopefully having those around will encourage me to eat more.   If not, I'm really not sure what to do.  Hopefully the second trimester will be as magical as they say in the baby books and bring back my appetite.  Wish me luck!

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