Saturday, January 5, 2013

The One With A Fetus

"Are you in there little fetus?
In nine months will you come greet us?
I will buy you some Adidas..."

Not everything that happened in Vegas is staying in Vegas... because Hubs and I are thrilled to announce we're pregnant!!

"Baby Vegas" is going to arrive sometime this August!   I'll be nine weeks along this Sunday, and we're going to our first doctor's appointment on Tuesday.

We're so incredibly excited - we've been talking about starting our family since the day I moved in with Hubs.  We decided to wait until after the wedding to start trying because I did not want to spend my time in Vegas watching everyone else party without me, even though Hubs tried to convince me it was no big deal.  Hmph.  Easy for you to say!

I found out so early with this pregnancy - We'd only been home from Vegas a couple of weeks, and I hadn't even missed a period.  But I had a sneaking suspicion, and so I found a long-expired pregnancy test out of the bottom of the junk drawer - and lo and behold, I was pregnant!   I came downstairs and handed Hubs a Christmas gift bag with the test inside, and told him he had to open one of his gifts early.   He was so shocked, although he was curious at first why I had gifted him a thermometer.  *facepalm*  So once it sank in, I had him rush out and buy me more pregnancy tests!  The new tests confirmed it - I was definitely pregnant.

We waited til Christmas Eve/Day to tell our family.   Before the Christmas Eve beer tasting (which I did not participate in, sadly), I handed my mom a gift bag with a t-shirt inside.   The shirt said "You're going to be a grandma again!"   She and the sister were so excited for us - they've been ready for us to have a new baby for awhile now too!   

The next day we told Hub's mom - her t-shirt said "Merry Christmas Grandma!" which caused some confusion.  She thought it was from Little Man... whoops!  But the moment we told her she was also thrilled - it will be her first grandBABY experience, even though she is a great grandmom to Little Man.

After that it was finally time to tell all the friends!  I loved finally being able to tell my best friends that I was expecting, and it made it so much more real!!

Anywho, so that is reason #2454395 why the blog has been so quiet lately - it is hard to write from the heart when you have a secret you are just bursting to tell!!   We'll be back to our regularly scheduled program shortly...

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